From time to time, we all need to write texts that are perfectly polished and correct in both content and form, such as an official invitation to a company event or an introduction for a new product on a website.

If you know what to say but are not sure how to express your thoughts in the best way possible, our experienced language editors are here to help.

This service does not merely consist of checking spelling and grammar; the editor will also adjust the text structure when needed and polish the wording and sentence constructions. This way, you can be sure your ideas will reach your target audience in the most clear and beautiful language.

We also offer editing services for translated text: checking for compliance with the original text, unification of terms and correcting errors in language and style.

Language correction is the easier and cheaper version of editing. It includes correcting language and grammar mistakes, but it does not include correcting content or style.


The base for calculating the cost is a translation page, which is 260 words/1,800 characters (with spaces).
The calculation is based on the volume of the finished translation.

The price depends on the original material and the purpose of the job – this type of service may include tasks from correcting the easiest spelling and grammar mistakes in a standard text to the correction of technical translations for terminological unification or rewording a demanding commercial text in a fluent way.
That is why every job will get an individual price offer.